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Benefits of Personal Training

Hiring a personal trainer can provide numerous benefits and reasons for individuals seeking to improve their fitness levels, achieve specific goals, or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fast-Track Your Goals

Get expert guidance and a personalized plan to achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently.

Personalized Attention

Benefit from individualized support, form corrections, and ongoing motivation to stay on track.

Proper Technique, No Injuries

Learn correct exercise techniques to prevent injuries and ensure optimal effectiveness.

Stay Motivated and Accountable

Get the push you need to stay motivated, overcome obstacles, and achieve consistent progress.

Efficient Workouts

Maximize your time at the gym with tailored workouts designed to target your specific needs and goals.

Gain Knowledge, Build Habits

Acquire valuable fitness, nutrition, and habit-building knowledge to sustain a healthy lifestyle beyond training sessions.

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Our Personal Trainers

Our coaches have a variety of education and experience. Their varied experiences include everything from fitness, cultural diversity, martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, gymnastics, boxing, figure skating, and heck, one of our coaches even has a degree in mental health counseling. So as you can see… we've got you covered!

Billy De La Rosa
Billy De La Rosa
Coach Billy has been creating change in the fitness industry for over 18 years, while also practicing and mastering what he teaches. As a Coach, he aspires to positively impact the lives of every person that walks through the doors at RX30. “The agenda is to always leave RX30 feeling accomplished and confident that you are one step closer to your goals”. Members describe Coach Billy’s style and programming as experienced and personalized. One thing for sure when you take his class. He will challenge you to become better. “Fitness goals take time, the reward is priceless”.
Carolin De La Rosa
Carolin De La Rosa
Carolin has multiple years of personal training under her weight belt along with a degree in mental health counseling. She is a mother of two and an athlete, who believes competing in the fitness world provides her with a better understanding of how to break down movements. Combining her personal experiences with that of her studies, Carolin offers a well-rounded and intimate fitness experience. She wants to show other moms that they too can be fit and strong. It truly is possible to make time for yourself while balancing family life.
Karla Jimenez
Karla Jimenez
As Co-Owner of Nuevo Nivel CrossFit & ilovekickboxing studios in Peru, Karla has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry with a passion for motivating people to set realistic and achievable goals. She is a Certified CrossFit Level 1 & 2 trainer, certified IIN health coach, fitness kickboxing instructor & personal trainer. “Training to achieving your fitness goals is a great way to get healthy, but what you do outside of the gym matters even more! Find activities that you love and are passionate about and fitness will follow.
Andrew Mauney
Andrew Mauney
Andrew has spent his whole life staying active. Growing up near Pittsburgh, PA he was a multi-sport athlete, eventually playing lacrosse at Miami of Ohio. After moving to NYC in 2008, he was introduced too, and fell in love with, Yoga. The form and functional movement of yoga combined with his history of weight training naturally lent itself to a functional strength training path. Andrew began teaching TRX classes in 2015 at a boutique Upper East Side studio, spent several years at a large Indoor Cycling studio, and eventually settled into HIIT/Bootcamp classes. Andrew’s class will first teach you how to do the move safely and efficiently, then challenge you to push past your limits and achieve your goals… all with some ridiculous banter along the way! Outside of the class setting, he works as a personal trainer, actor, and photographer, and lives in the UES with his wife.
Amanda Foley
Amanda Foley
A few years ago, Amanda expanded her love for fitness by getting her ACE Group Fitness certification so she could share that passion with others. She encourages members to make achievable goals, challenge themselves during their workouts, and acknowledge & celebrate their improvements over time. Motivation and proper form combined with some smiles and laughs are central to her classes! Amanda taught HIIT and indoor cycling (Les Mills RPM) classes for a few years in Columbus, OH, and is excited to coach at RX30 now that she’s back in NY. Amanda is also an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist.
Kwame Hayes
Kwame Hayes
Hey RX30 fam my name is Kwame. I’ve been coaching/teaching martial arts and fitness for 15 years as well as small group/ personal training for over 8 years. My goal is to learn what you want to accomplish and help you get there in the best way possible. I will help you focus on mobility as well as effective and efficient movements. With the energy I will bring to class, I know you’ll have a good time. My playlist is filled with lots of different songs to insure I have one of your favorites. I have a pretty laid back personality.. BUT I am here to push you to new limits. I’m excited to see you in class soon!
Jean-Paul Jimenez
Jean-Paul Jimenez
As a former CrossFit box owner in Peru, Jean-Paul has been coaching since 2013. He believes that CrossFit is not a means to an end for most people, but that it makes people better at what they love. This was true for him with basketball, cycling and swimming. It’s an innovative form of functional training and it truly matters what you do outside of the gym and not just inside. JP likes to keep his workouts fresh and innovative, and the serenity of an early morning to write out his programming for the day is his favorite part of being a coach.
Chiara Rego
Chiara Rego
Chiara has been a gymnastics coach for the past 8 years and has decided to branch out into CrossFit and RX30. She began her CrossFit journey after 12 years of competitive gymnastics as she was drawn to the variability that each workout brings. In college she joined Villanova University’s Club Judo team because she wanted to improve her ability to problem-solve under pressure. Though she is no longer a judoka, Chiara continues to follow CrossFit programming. She is a firm believer that everybody can get fit and in meeting each athlete where they are at and challenging them accordingly. Now pursuing her Masters in Applied Exercise Physiology, she is excited to take what she is learning in classroom and helping others improve their fitness.
Laura Young
Laura Young
Laura is a New York native fitness coach! As well as a class coach, Laura is a personal trainer of 8 years and a yoga trainer. She is a PN1 nutrition coach, is TRX certified, is 500 hour RYT certified, and is Pre/Post Natal Certified. This past October, Laura won 3rd place at the WBFF Body Builder competition! Laura is here to help you get into the best shape of your life. After 2 ACL/meniscus surgeries, she puts great emphasis on strength, alignment, and balance for all of her clients. Check her out here, at RX30. “As long as you're breathing, you're doing it right”
Joseph Reyes
Joseph Reyes
Joseph has be active in the Fitness Industry for over 17 years working alongside some of the top fitness professionals in the industry.As part of working in the Fitness Industry, Joseph has facilitated his classes in collaboration with the Department of Education and on a National/International scale. He has taken his experience and created a dynamic blend of Boxing, H.I.I.T., Kettlebell, TRX to put your fitness level to the test. Whatever level you are in — Joseph will ensure you are challenged while having a smile on your face. In his free time, Joseph enjoys creating projects in the field of art, photography and music. He is also a professional Breaker-dancer, Capoerista (Martial Art), Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Teacher.
Swetha Amaresan
Swetha may come across as sweet and friendly, but that doesn’t mean she won’t push you to challenge your limits! A lover of fitness for many years, across modalities such as strength, HIIT, indoor cycling, swimming, yoga, and boxing, she holds the ACE Group Fitness Instructor certification. Her mission is to inspire people to embrace a healthier, yet attainable, lifestyle with a body-positive attitude. She will motivate you to lift heavier, move faster, and get a bit sweatier - all while encouraging you to keep coming back for more! Swetha will help you achieve your goals and start the weekend strong every Friday evening


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Jon Thompson
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Ethan Klingsberg
"For me, coming to CrossFit SPOT is more than a workout. It’s more than a good sweat. It’s my family, my community, and my passion. I wouldn’t be who I am today without this place and the people in it.”
Lindsi Fisher
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